About us

Frolic is a lifestyle brand that aims to bring beautifully designed product from around the globe, focusing on the use of indigenous textiles, materials and techniques combined with a modern and fun design aesthetic.

Daniela Bascuñán, the founder of Frolic has been in the design industry for over 19 years. She was born in Chile, and later moved to the United States where she studied Fashion and Art. Her love of pattern and textiles have been a constant inspiration in her work and she created Frolic as a way to bring some of the amazing product and craftsmanship she has seen in her travels to you!

Preserving and developing cultural traditions is one of the goals of Frolic, and we are proud to partner with suppliers who work hand in hand with cooperative groups, small family businesses and local artisans, providing fair wages and ethical manufacturing and thus improving their economic well being.

Everything in Frolic has been specially curated and chosen by Daniela, bringing you some of the best in global goods!