Come Frolic with me!

Hello and welcome to Frolic!

Growing up in Chile, I was always surrounded by local craft markets and artisans, but of course, back then as a kid, that is not where the cool kids shopped. Why would I want a hand-knit sweater made of the finest alpaca when I could go to the mall and get the latest fashions instead?

Well, fast forward many, many years and a career in fashion spanning almost 2 decades. I've been able to travel the world and work in factories in Peru, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong to name a few, seeing first hand how product is made. I've also been to places such as Dubai, Paris and Rio for inspirational shopping, so I'm an expert shopper as well!

As a bonus, I would always make sure I carved out time to explore the surrounding areas and needless to say, without fail, I always came back packed like a mule, with bags full of amazing local crafts and textiles that I've used to decorate my home and give as gifts. Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe my love of textiles and patterns, and anything else that is hand made. Jewelry, bags, shoes, decor, a piece of fabric, a small trinket, you name it! 

I always wished that I could share these amazing products with everyone else, as the craftsmanship of an artisan, and the love and care that go into every product is unrivaled. I also saw how much their livelihood depended on it, so I was always happy to spend my money on something that would directly benefit the artisan and their family.

Preserving and developing cultural traditions is one of the goals of Frolic, and I'm proud to partner with artisans and suppliers who work hand in hand with cooperative groups and small family businesses, providing fair wages and ethical manufacturing, thus improving their economic well being.

Everything here is hand picked by me, and if you know me, you know I'm extremely picky!

Stay tuned for my future adventures where I'll be taking you behind the scenes as I partner with weaving co-ops in Guatemala to create some special products for Frolic.

Thanks for reading!

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