Why Guatemala?

In a few days I am off to explore Guatemala for the first time! I have every day planned out (in true Virgo fashion), and will be meeting with weavers from local co-ops and hitting up the markets to find amazing textiles!

Deciding on Guatemala was pretty easy. I wish I could tell you that I spent months researching and narrowing down places, but what really happened was that just over a month or so ago I woke up one morning and decided that Guatemala was the place! Something about it was calling me there, and as I looked into it, all the pieces started falling into place. Just image search Guatemalan Textiles and you will see what I mean! 

Being from Chile, I've always had a fascination with textiles and crafts from Latin America, so I knew that Guatemala had a rich history in textiles. Local Mayan women still wear the traditional dress to this day and in the small towns, especially around Lake Atitlan, you can see women weaving in the same method as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

How could I not go see for myself how these beautiful fabrics were made? It's also the place where the accessories currently on my site are from. That's it, I was going to Guatemala!

For the next few weeks I'll be sharing with you my behind the scenes look as I make my way through Guatemala in search of the best textiles & crafts that will be turned into some amazing products for Frolic.

*Photo: Luzia Pimpinella.

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